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favorite toys 2019 - lego pop-up book

Favorite Toys 2019: LEGO Pop-Up Book

We participate in Amazon's Affiliate Program. We asked our contributors to share one of their child's all-time favorite toys to help you build a holiday gift list that will be a hit. After all, toys are expensive, and if we're buying them, we want to find something that kids will enjoy playing with for a long [...]
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how a child tests independence

How to Come Back After the First “Go Away!”

I have a recurring fantasy. It consists entirely of me going about my daily business for a single hour alone. No, “Watch this/can you get me/help me/I need/Mom/Mommy/MOM!”  Motherhood is many wonderful things. It can also be smothering, especially when your kids are young enough that you are their preferred helper, audience, and confidante all […]

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10 Ways a New Mom Is Like a Toddler

When a new baby arrives, many moms feel anxious that the constant demands of the newborn will create distance between them and their older child. Rest assured, that phase is temporary, and your expanded family will soon find a new balance. And in the meantime, new mama, take comfort in the fact that you and […]

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I love you but I don't like you

What To Do When You Don’t Like Your Kid

If this headline sparked some recognition in you, congratulations, you’re an honest mom. If it didn’t, maybe your kid just isn’t old enough yet—give it time. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: I love my kids with the borderline-insane intensity that unifies us as mothers. Even when they are at their absolute […]

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how to help your child stop sucking her thumb

The Magic Word to Break Your Kids of Unwanted Habits

As parents, I think we can all agree on one totally objective fact: our kids are perfect.  But within that realm of perfection, there may be a few itsy-bitsy behaviors we find less than desirable. In many cases, they can be chalked up to a certain age or stage of development (the toddler tantrum, the […]

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decision making advice from the book late bloomers

What Would the New You Do?

(We participate in Amazon’s Affiliate Program.) When it comes to major life decisions, I think a lot of us (myself included) view our options as a choice between sticking to our current path or embarking on a new one. We tend to believe that every fork in the road stems from the starting point of […]

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